Day 28. Grateful

This last day of my journey is going to be two days, as we opt to let some of the long drive spill over into tomorrow. It’s okay, I’m going to consider this a journey of 28 days anyway.

The final stretch is a trip through the deep south; our slightly longer route determined by the need to pick up my husband’s car at an airport in South Carolina.

We end up spending the night in town in which the only open restaurant is a fast food chicken place, and the only open grocery store is whatever they sell at the bait shop attached to the local gas station. We patch together a meal from what’s in our car.

The TV at our place has no reception, but we find something to watch in the collection of old VHS movies that are provided.  (The Client, with Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones. It’s not bad and it speeds the evening along.)

The next day, as I finally drive up the road to my own house, my last rule of the road, #28, is clear. Be grateful to have made the journey. Be grateful to have made it home.

I’ve been listening to my playlist of “25 songs with home in the title” ever since I dropped my husband off to get his car. When the list is done, Gabrielle Aplin’s Home is the one I play twice. Make that three times.

I don’t see the video until after I’m in the house and finishing this blog. It has such a creepy start that I almost don’t post it, but I watch it a few more times and it wins me over. Besides, so much of the country she travels through looks like where I’ve just been.

I could swear I passed the guy in the yellow truck at least once in my travels. In fact, I might have stayed at his Airbnb. Or maybe I saw him at Burning Man. At any rate, the video resonates with my journey, and her song leaves me smiling … because I’m finally home.

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Yes, Virginia, huge hidden treasures do exist

zen2zany 2If you have ever written a book in which archeologists head off in search of the “greatest treasure ever” you have got to be delighted when your internet browser announces that “more than 60 pounds of gold were recovered from an infamous 157-year-old shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina last month, and the deep-sea exploration company that retrieved it announced today that there is plenty more down there.”

Stories are more fun when their basic premise is plausible. Just knowing that, for example, “The 280-foot wooden-hulled steamship…was carrying as much as 21 tons of gold” and that “the ship now sits 160 miles off the coast of Charleston, S.C.” makes me want to go hunting for treasure myself.

Not that I particularly want to find it. My life is filled with plenty of treasures already, and for that matter it is also filled with ample bottles of nice wine, good books I’ve yet to read, and more seashells than I can admire. That’s what happens when you’ve been on this earth for awhile. You find many of the things you love and more.

But like the happy child on the beach in the Zen2Zany poster above, it’s fun to look.


The Hope Keeps Coming

This past March I was happy to find a blog by a writer named Cathryn Wellner, who had  set out to find 1001 reasons to be hopeful. I quickly got addicted to her daily discoveries of people who left her with optimism about humanity, and I wrote about her here.  The problem was that she had decided to find exactly 1001 reasons to be hopeful and she was at number 973 and going. Why hadn’t I stumbled upon this lady sooner? She picked the number 1001 because “that’s how many nights it took Scheherazade to soften the heart of the king” but it meant that I only had 28 more doses of hope coming to my 4

Day 1001 brought a nice surprise. Her uplifting event of the day was how many people had written her and asked her to please keep going. She admitted that the daily schedule was hard to meet but she would now publish a weekly dollop of hope. True to her word, reason 1006 — a wonderful story of a elderly woman who refused to sell her house to developers in Seattle and ultimately became friends with them — is in my inbox right next to reason 1005 — the story of a man traveling the world with a piano in the back of his pick-up truck.  I’ve kept both stories there because I particularly like them and wanted to reread them once or twice before I recycled the electrons. Her ongoing compilation is called “This Gives Me Hope” and it will have you laughing, crying and feeling better about life on this planet. I promise.

I like the poster above, shared by the Facebook page of Foundation for A Better Life and I don’t dispute what it says. However, it is easier to find that sunshine to bring when you take in a weekly dose of  hope.


Meet hope

hippiepeace7I’ve been reading a lot of other people’s blogs lately, thinking that it’s good to look up once in awhile and see what is going on around you. Amidst the silly, the funny and the introspective, one finds the occasional post that just tears at the heart. I reposted one such story yesterday on my x0 blog. It was about the children of Syria and the atrocities so many of them have been forced to endure.

We can’t fix much as individuals, but we also shouldn’t run away from the knowledge that something needs fixing. I think that it is important to confront the the pain in this world, and to use the information as a call to whatever action we can take.

On the other hand, it can be easy to loose sight of the fact that there is much that is good in the world. It is even less common, I think, to find the blog that fills one with optimism. Luckily I have stumbled on a great one. A writer named Cathryn Wellner has set out to find 1001 reasons to be optimistic and as of today she is at number 973 and going. She picked the number 1001 because “that’s how many nights it took Scheherazade to soften the heart of the king” and she invites readers to share their own stories of people, places, photographs, and events that have given them hope. Her compilation is called “This Gives Me Hope” and it will have you laughing, crying and feeling better about life on this planet. I promise. You can check out her Facebook page too.

While you’re on Facebook, drop by the Hippie Peace Freaks page and give them a like for the great image shown above. They are another bright spot.

What about the fact that there are folks out there posting such positive messages? This gives me hope, too.